Hello everyone, I wanted to give you all a training progress update as to what’s been happening since my last showing at the IFBB Toronto Pro 2014 where I placed 13th.

I have continued to train hard and keep to a decent off season body weight as I want to try and slip into the 212 class this year. After Toronto I had two weeks off training then went straight back to 3 cardio sessions per week and prioritising my week areas which were

  • Upper leg development
  • More detail in the midsection with the added benefit of controlling it between poses as this was picked up during one of my guest spots.
  • More calf development

With these goals in mind I remained focused on trying to achieve my goal of qualifying for the Mr. Olympia 2015.

Since the start of my diet in December 2014 I have taken regular training progress pictures every four weeks to see the changes as I go along and makes me stay focus on targeting the week points. I am also back to keeping a training progress diary this year like I did when living in Scotland.

With how has the training progress has gone so far, I feel I am I on target.

Having increased my calories this time round and using food as a major tool to build muscle and stay fuller as opposed to looking flat at my current body weight. I feel I have a very different look this year and am very confident going into this this years pro shows.

Training has gone really well and my split looks like this

Monday am fasted cardio 45 minutes – PM Upper leg 40 minutes cardio

Tuesday am fasted cardio 45 minutes – PM Shoulders and calves 30 minutes HIIT

Wednesday am fasted cardio 60 minutes – PM core 45 minutes cardio

Thursday am 30 minutes HIIT – PM back and triceps 30 HIIT

Friday am 45 minutes fasted cardio – PM Hamstring n calves 40 minutes cardio

Saturday am 45 minutes fasted cardio – PM chest n biceps 40 minutes cardio

Sunday am 60 minutes fasted cardio

My current body weight is 16st 12lb with two weeks to go for a photo shoot that I booked last year.


Following this shoot I will be at Body Power with Extreme Nutrition then it will be contest time. This is why I have started dieting this far out as well to be able to be used by Extreme for guest appearances ans seminars.

Keep following me to see my nutrition plan for this year and my Training Progress through my contest prep I am doing for this year.

IFBB Pro Hunni Glanville.