Well I have managed to get to a grand old total of 47 years old without the desire to try tyre flipping. I mean a TYRE, you know they are on cars or the ones here at Evolution Gym were probably part of a tractor or digger at some time earlier in their life before ending up in our car park!

Why oh why would I want to try tyre flipping? To see what may be hiding underneath it? To see what is printed on the other side! Or just for the pure hell of it and to see if I could?

For years I have watched the strongmen and women on television and at our gym (http://www.evolutiongym.co.uk) in the car park tyre flipping, walking like a farmer with a big weight in each hand, moving giant marbles (atlas stones) and even pulling cars, vans and lorries across the car park and I’ve even seen them pulling an air-plane on television in the Worlds Strongest Man competition!

I have always been in awe of their physical strength and prowess but not at all inquisitive as to whether I could do it, not until now that is. Body building and strength training/sports are kind of like Formula 1 and Rallying, the same basic principles apply and you need to train using very similar techniques but with different end results and different goals.

One of our fellow Extreme Nutrition athletes is Worlds Strongest Man Finalist, Laurence Shahlaei. He is huge and crazily strong but fit at the same time which belies his size. Loz also holds records in Indoor Rowing too and is one of the fastest men in the world on an indoor rowing machine!

BUT, this is the year the bug has hit me and tyres have began to stare at me seductively…..

rachael hayes natural athlete

dfac pro bodybuilder rachael hayes